Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today was such a rad day! Georgia and I had a great time at the zine fair and our collection of cute, funny, silly, colourful and kooky little zines and accoutrements went down a treat. It was amazing and inspiring to see what other zine makers - especially some of our wonderful friends - had created. It was also great to meet some Candy Castle readers - hi y'all!!

A big sloppy lipstick-ridden kiss and cuddle goes out to Georgia for being the best papergoods partner in crime ever - hysterical late night craft clubs, frantic online lunch break brainstorms, bratty zine turf wars, rain soaked hair repairs, gluttonous teensy cake binges, dumpling dinners for 5 when there's only 2, and a million endless in jokes would not be complete without you girl! xx


  1. that zine fair looks AMAZING!

  2. Wow so colourful zine! Glad you had a good time - hugs N

  3. yeh i love you too x

  4. Do u know if Radge and jeremy has any zines left?
    Zine fair is always so good

  5. ok, i really need to find out where you got that hamburger dress [or fabric]


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