Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I love stuff. I am probably going to be one of those old ladies that is found forgotten at age 102, in her ramshackle flat, buried under piles of old magazines, typewriters, porcelain cat figureines, dried out textas, snow globes, an impressive eraser collection, dusty toffee apples, an Iced Vovo, and the odd rogue sequin. I am going to New York in June where I intend to procure a whole lot of new stuff to add to my stuff collection. I often collect things just because they have amazing packaging, colour schemes, or shapes, regardless of whether they are actually useful to me or not. So when I came across this amazing concept store in New York I knew it would be a MUST to visit.

Kiosk is a shop in SoHo that sells trinkets and treasures from around the globe. The shop celebrates amazing design found in everyday objects and their packaging. Alisa Grifo travels to different locales collecting an assortment of ephemera which she then brings back to sell in curated, country-themed displays. I think I'm going to need a bigger suitcase..


  1. Those bits are fantastic. I especially love the pipe cleaners and their packaging.

    I'm the same about 'stuff' my favourite purchases of late were 70's cocktail stirrers in neon glittery plastic... a whole 17cm of naked lady. And my little neon plastic monkeys to hang from your martini glass. I don't know if they will ever be used, but if they are, mine will be the most stylish cocktail party in town ;)

  2. They sound amazing! One of my main mottos in life is "you never know when you are going to need it", so true, right?!

  3. Cool 'stuff'... I'm exactly the same, fascinated by packaging and random 'things' from the past that have no real purpose in the present, except they look so damn cool...


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