Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For the past eight months I have been living and breathing bicycles whilst working as a producer for the Bicycle Film Festival Sydney. I have only just emerged, tired but utterly thrilled with the results of such an epic undertaking.

As well as participating in planning across the entire festival, I was lucky enough to work on a few extra special projects, including planning a street fair, throwing an amazing tropical themed bike party, and co-curating my first group exhibition, Ride: Life in the Bike Lane.

Photos by Brent Kerr.

The exhibition showcased the work of 20 Australian artists who were asked to customise a plywood bicycle in any way their hearts desired. I created a bicycle pinata for the show, filled with metallic glitter shards.

Pinata bike

The lovely boys at Skeleton Key made this dreamy film of the event.

Our Summer Sprints party went down a treat, with leis, tiki pinatas, pineapple garlands, paper lanterns, cocktail umbrellas, tropical beachwear and calypso party beats, and featured roller races on stationery bikes, captured on film yet again in a kaleidoscope of colour by my friends at The Skeleton Key.

You are so amazing.
Crepe paper makes everything look like it's your 4th birthday party

The Street Fair was festive, cute, and packed with eclectic stalls filled with handmade bicycle-themed treats, a tiny laneway bike polo tournament, lashings of bunting (essential for any event), bubbles, beach umbrellas, and beers.

Street Fair

I was very proud of the 40+ bicycle babes that joined us for the Cute Commute from the city to Bondi Beach, a leisure ride aimed at getting all sorts of riders to feel more confident riding on Sydney's roads. It felt amazing cruising to beach in a big group, with bells ringing, flowers heaped in bike baskets, and music playing from tiny boom boxes strapped to handlebars.

Cute Commute

Helping to plan BFF Sydney was a really fantastic and rewarding opportunity for me. I'm a bit sad now that it's all over but I really can't wait to get stuck into a billion other projects that have been waiting in the wings!

More photos from this epic week can be found on my flickr.


  1. Awesome - you guys did such a good job! We had so much fun. Pics and videos are a-mazing.

  2. Good job Kit and the SBFF team. Well done guys!

  3. Must have been an exciting day - how talented you are! <3

  4. Wow! That would have been a lot of work and lack of sleep, well done!

  5. This looks AMAZING! You should be sooo proud- I love all the colours :)


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