Sunday, February 20, 2011


In an attempt to fill my wardrobe with more hand made clothing and to make use of my new studio, I have begun a little challenge where I will aim to regularly sew new items of clothing for myself and document them here. My first project was based on Angela Kane's Denim Pinafore pattern found on BurdaStyle.

The fabric was thrifted - just $3 at a local church fete - (totally in keeping with my Summer goal of a wardrobe entirely made up of tribal and tropical prints) and was JUST the right amount for my pattern. This dress is perfect for a tropical getaway and has a concealed zip and large front pockets for storing sunglasses, travel maps and cocktail umbrellas.


  1. Dear Tropical Travel Angel,

    You look amazing in your tribal goddess dress. Please send some sunlight to Iowa, U.S.A. I will happily sacrifice several margaritas to you. Also, I love your Summer theme and I look forward to seeing more stylish outfits.

    Grey And Mopey in the Midwest

  2. I love this so much! You have officially inspired me to make my own skirts and dresses this Spring.

  3. hi,
    thank you for having visited my blog! your blog is wonderful, too! i am definitely following it from now on and hope to see many other beautiful sewing projects like this breathtaking dress above. you have been really lucky to have found such a lovely fabric for such a low price! :D

  4. Cute dress Kit. Looking forward to more outfits in the near future - xoxo


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