Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My party planning dreams came true today when I stumbled across One Charming Party, an amazing and inspirational website filled with ideas, tutorials and all the creative bits 'n bobs to make any party a smash. I am particuarly enamoured with its beautiful styling and photography (which I have been excitedly poring over for the last hour at least). I have always found appeal in bright, vivid photos, contrasting textures and patterns, aerial shots with natural light, and the use of unique and quirky accoutrements like confetti and vintage trinkets in styling. If only it was my birthday every day, maybe I'll pretend it is...

Images source: One Charming Party


  1. I love this pictures, thanks for sharing!
    By the way your ghost cake is so funny, it makes me smile!! :)

  2. The ice cream cone headband!!! ARGH! The cuteness has me obsessed now as well!


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