Wednesday, March 23, 2011


These beautiful quilts are so amazing! One of my craft goals for 2011 is to make a bed quilt. My mum is a prolific quilter and I have tried on numerous occasions to follow in her footsteps but I have never completed a project, although I have started SO many. Maybe this year!

'The Zens Won't Mind' by Amy Hodge, 2010"


  1. I love them! This kind of quilts are called quilt of G-bend. It started by African American during the American Civil War. They are the quilts I want to make - The quilt on your bed is also quilt of G-bend...

  2. Will you teach me how to make one? xx

  3. wow, I love the first one. the colors and the whole finishing. it looks so soft, that I just want to be wrapped inside! :) could you tell me, where you got that photo from? I would love to look at it in detail.

  4. Hi Nette,
    I found that picture here:

    Not sure if you can find more detail but it's a great Tumblr blog nonetheless! x

  5. There is a beautiful book on the quilts of Gee's Bend:

    Quilts are amazing works of art - crazy quilts are my favorite - I have a double wedding pattern quilt made by my great grandmother on my bed. I love it so much - it is made from clothing scraps from my grandma, her brother, etc.


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