Monday, April 18, 2011


My amazing friend Stefan is leaving Australia this week for new job opportunities in LA. Sad news! We had a little surprise party for him in the studio with an Australian snack food theme. There were lamingtons, Anzac biscuits, mini pavlovas, chocolate crackles, and my favourite, jelly orange wedges (do you remember these from childhood parties?!)


  1. WOW, I have never known about jelly wedges until now.. What ARE they?!

  2. Aren't they amazing!? They're SO simple to make! You cut oranges in half, remove all the insides leaving just the skins and sit them all face up on a tray. Then you mix up a batch of jelly/jello and pour it into each orange half and put it in the fridge to set. When the jelly is completely set, you carefully cut each half into wedges and voila!
    We used to have them all the time as kids growing up here. They're yummy/cute!
    P.S. Your blog is also very cute. x

  3. That strawberry kiwi tart thing is adorable. (:

  4. I like the photos!!! the orange is so funny... I might try it! :D


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