Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I haven't ever really expressed here just how much I love Amy Sedaris. In my opinion, she is comedic craft royalty. I adore her kooky craft projects, extravagant recipes, ludicrous party hosting tips, tacky fantastic decors and overtly crass outlook on domesticity. Her newest book (not so new now but I'm only just getting around to raving about it) is called Simple Times. It is filled with the kind of craft that reminds me of projects found in vintage magazines with technicolour covers and the things my childcare kids used to conjure up during epic craft marathons at my old job. I especially love the amazing mini set displays and the many different examples of hand sewn type. I hope to be more than a little like Amy when I grow up.


  1. ooh, I must watch this when I am at a computer connected to speakers, is she funny/amusing? It looks entertaining. :)

  2. Yes, she's hilarious! She has a whole YouTube channel of these little tutorials. Let me know what you think of them! x


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