Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hip Hip Hooray! I have written an Etsy guest blog for How-Tuesday! Click here to learn how to make three easy party decorations for your next festive event. I feel extremely honoured to have had this opportunity, so thank you Etsy!

To make your day even more festive I am thrilled to announce my first ever giveaway! I have wanted to make a giveaway on my blog for a long time but never really knew what to actually give away until now, so here goes:


To enter:
* Become a follower of this blog (or already be one).
* Leave a comment below about the best party you ever went to.

The winner will recieve:

* A MEGA party pack containing supplies and templates to make the 3 projects from my How-Tuesday Etsy blog. This will include decorative card and paper, coloured twine, embellishments, stickers, streamers, confetti, and many other surprise party treats!
* A copy of my new zine Partycraft (launched today in my Etsy shop)

The winner will be drawn from a hat on Tuesday 21 June 2011, and you can live anywhere in the world, I will post the prize to you.

Good luck! xoxo

P.S. If you're in Sydney, please come to my Craft Party this Friday!

Thank you to Jenna, my amazing hand model.


  1. I'm not entering, but cute! You're an Etsy celebrity now.

  2. What a wonderful guest blog. Thoroughly enjoyable! Your work is super adorable. Congratulations! x

  3. Oh that's so amazing about your etsy post!! Congratulations!! Would love to go to the craft party!!
    The best parties i ever had was when a' parties are the one of the best party i ever went to was my school mate's birthday party, which turned out to be a carnival party. His mother had loads of costumes of all kinds and face paint waiting for us in their was a great surprise for us! She decorated her house with bright colour party decoration...and had the most amazing party sandwiches and cocktails in the world! It was awesome. ⁍‿⁍

  4. Felt so special I got to be your etsy blog hand model- ha! The etsy blog looks amazing, great to see all the lovely comments-congrats!
    I think it would be un-fair if I enter your giveaway though as I already own your amazing Party Craft Zine! See you friday night xo

  5. congrats on your etsy blog post! so fun and colourful.

    btw, thanks for recently becoming a follower of my blog!

  6. Do I have to live in Australia to enter?

    I can't decide between two awesome parties...

    #1: Willy Wonka birthday party when everyone came as their favorite character and we ate only candy. The movie was playing in every room (including the bathroom), and we made candy crafts. Invitations were on gold tickets wrapped around chocolate bars.

    #2: Super Secret Spy Party, where we met at a top secret location, handed out assignments, and everyone went on a scavenger hunt. We stole team members by "killing" them off. Invitations were a combination of notes inside pens and fortune cookies, and coded pages.

    (And if I have to live in Australia, my address is with Bri.)

  7. Best party I ever went to was my wedding. I hope to win! I follow your blog in google reader.

  8. my cousin 1st birthday party! :p it's princess themed and it was so colorful. i love colorful things haha :p I will be 15 this year so no way I could have that cute themed party like that, so I quite envy with her haha :p

    I hope I win! xoxo

    teddy bear princess

  9. The best party I ever went to was my own! The theme was a red party and it was a time when all the stars aligned and everyone came completely dressed up. As props we had giant plastic apples, a giant betty boo on the walls and even a plunger (randomly). My fave outfit was my brothers full blown Mario get-up!

  10. Best party ever? Hmm, was it the circus-themed host-a-murder? Or the winter log-cabin party? Or our recent Easter-egg hunt with three chocolately Easter beers on tap? Can't decide, we just love a good party ; )

  11. The best party I went to was my friend's dog's birthday party. I think I'm just a sucker when it comes to furry friends.

  12. best party was a 'secret potluck on the beach'!
    participants had to follow a path among spiny bushes to reach a small beach on the lake, everyone bought a summer dish to share and the organizer - a very silly friend of mine - provided wine, music and lanterns! FUN FUN FUN :D

  13. My best party was my own. It was alice in wonderland themed. Everyone dressed up and we had little cookies that said eat me and glass bottles with colored soda that said drink me. We all had so much fun!!


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