Friday, June 3, 2011


Just a quick note to say I am now also blogging over on the Better Homes and Gardens website where you can read my thoughts on the magazine craft and fashion projects, tips, tricks, inspiration, and more. Hurray! P.S. Thanks to the July issue I am now addicted to pancakes.


  1. whooooa! last night my gorgeous friend megan was telling me about a girl she met in sydney named kit who is going to be blogging about craft for better homes and gardens. i thought of you putting the words 'kit' and 'craft' together but thought it was a long shot AND then i see this on your blog today. such a small world. this is megan's blog x

  2. p.s. congratulations! such a great opportunity and you seem like just the girl for the job. i'm going to have a read over there now :)

  3. OMG! What are the odds?! I loved Megan! I was kicking myself after we met that I didn't properly get her contact details. We had a really great chat. And thank you for the well wishes..I'm very excited to have the job, seems to good to be true... x


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