Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So this could perhaps not be classified as Show and Tell exactly, but it is one of my most favourite things. This is my absolute most favourite song in the world, by Fleetwood Mac (surprise, surprise). The thing about this song is that through some magical occurrence it ALWAYS happens to be playing at times in my life where I need it the most - where it would make the most perfect soundtrack to that moment in time.

Whether I'm ecstatically happy about something that's just happened, or really really sad, this song will somehow be playing in a car passing by, be the next song in shuffle on my ipod, come on in a supermarket that I JUST walked into, be playing on the dance floor in a get it. I think the music video is rather cute and highly corny. Sigh, I totally love you Fleetwood Mac.


  1. Wow Kityyy! My favorite group ever is Fleetwood Mac too!!! My favorite song is "Gypsy" and obviusly this song is one of the best! I love "Sarah", "Seven Wonders", "Rhiannon" jajaja! all of them!!! I can hear the cd in my car or working thousand times! Music makes my day!!! ;)

  2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2011

    Wow another Fleetwood Mac fan. They are my all time favourite band too one of my fave's is Rhiannon and also The Chain.


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