Monday, August 1, 2011


This weekend was SO GOOD! Equal parts of frantic work and fun play. On Friday I spent all day with Maria setting up Prom, which was amazing as I mentioned. On Saturday Steve and I cruised around on bikes then went on a spontaneous beach-side road trip, where we ate fish and chips and a kookaburra swooped down and brazenly stole a chip RIGHT from Steve's hand! I was TERRIFIED of this, as I am with most things that resemble anything to with Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds...

Today I cruised through this incredible city in the sunshine on the Sydney Tweed Ride (winter was nowhere to be seen - goodbye you jerk!), then went to a tea parlour for high tea. I made my little caplet from a pair of thrifted Tweed pants I managed to find at the last minute. I hand sewed it whilst watching The Karate Kid, as my machine was in the studio. For a slap dash garment it held up quite well!

I topped off my weekend with take-out roast dinners at Matt's House where we watched an old Technicolour film about a giant octopus monster and some Greek fisherman. Great quiff-haired sailor/stripey shirt/white chino combos.

On a rather sappy note, this weekend reminded me yet again how much I absolutely love Sydney! And my wonderful friends. You are all so amazing and fun and I always have the best most hilarious times when I'm with you. Aw. x


  1. What a beautiful poooost!!! Love your pink biiiikeee!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. How fun!! The tweed ride looks awesome and that tea shop is so charming!

  3. What a great weekend, I'm sooo happy to see the back of that jerk Winter too! By the way, once a seagull stole a sandwich right out of my hands so I feel you re: The Birds terror. I was hysterical afterwards!

  4. LOVE x 1 million. You are so fashionable - I l-o-v-e your bike and outfit. What a fun day and so chic too!

    (P.S. I am also TERRIFIED of birds and would probably have pooped myself and fainted during the chip stealing incident!)


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