Friday, April 13, 2012


Aw. It's kind of sad to be posting the last World Party Day tutorial. But I'm happy that I saved this one for last. It's from my sister-from-another-mister, Rebecca of Big Things fame, my party planning partner, and talented friend.

Battling an 18 hour time difference, Rebecca and I spent HOURS plotting World Party domination from opposite ends of the globe - sending frenzied emails and text messages back and forth and Skyping at all sorts of abnormal hours, often half asleep. We got SO excited so many times, screamed out loud on trains and in cabs, sent cute photos of our daily outfits and grumpy morning facial expressions, and texted while brushing our teeth. Plans were derailed by hysterical gossip sessions and many, many Google Docs were created and meticulously populated with incredible ideas. It was GREAT! I am so lucky to call this amazing girl my friend and to be plotting and planning more big things together for the very near future.

Rebecca made these rad World Party Day badges and created this fun tutorial on how to decorate the shit out of them.

Add Rebecca on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, and visit the Big Things website to find out more about her many inspiring projects.

Love you girl! xx

Image: Big Things

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