Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I love those little sneak peeks you get of the insides of people's homes through windows and open doors as you walk past their houses. That's why I like blogs like Freunde von Freunden, because they satisfy that nosy part of me that wants to see the way other people live.

I really liked their recent post on set designer Johanna Burke, for so many reasons! Amongst other amazing things, she designs INCREDIBLE window displays for big American department stores and to me, she is pretty much living one of my ultimate dream jobs - something I have coveted ever since watching the 80s movie Mannequin.

Her studio/apartment is a wonderland of hanging plants, golden light, knick knacks and craft supplies. It was so inspiring to read that with no formal training she came to New York and started a career for herself. Read her interview here, it's amazing!

Images: Freunde von Freunden


  1. I love freunde von freunden too, I was so excited when I first saw these photos because I actually stayed in this building last year! Not in this apartment, but another one which was equally amazing, found through airbnb - you could stay there too!

    And I have to say, I still love Mannequin! A Window dresser in New York is indeed the ultimate dream job.

    1. OMG! I actually think my friends may have stayed in the same place. Could you send me the link? I'm definitely after some inspiring accomodation for my trip!

    2. You should so stay there!!

      Here is the link:

      And a blogpost I did about my stay:

      The whole building was amazing, kept running into so many spunks in the lift! And everyone was incredibly nice and friendly. You'll have such a great time in New York, I mean, no matter where you stay, it will be awesome.

  2. wow she is inspiring and those displays omg! it would definitely be a dream job!!

    1. I know, she is fantastic. I want to go out and make something large scale and decadent now just from looking at those pictures!


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