Tuesday, July 17, 2012


If you're in Sydney this Saturday I'm hosting 2 new workshops for kids and adults at Object: The Australian Centre for Design, as part of their Groundbreaker event series. Come spend a fun-filled day crafting with me!

Party Craft
It’s a paper party and you’re invited! At this fun workshop, I'll show you how to create unique and innovative party decorations from paper, card and an assortment of fancy embellishments. Try your hand at party crackers, birthday bunting, fancy hats, and present toppers, and in no time you’ll be cutting and pasting your way to the most unique party ever. $15. 11:00am. Ages 8+, all materials provided. Book here.

Easy Macrame Plant Hangers
Learn the basics of macramé - the art of hand-knotting - in this beginners
workshop. I'll teach you a variety of simple knotting techniques that you’ll then use to make your very own plant hanger. Bring along a small vase, container, or vessel (vintage ceramics and glassware are perfect!) from home to fit inside your plant hanger to complete the look. $15. 1:30pm. Ages 13+, materials provided. Book here.

Images: Me


  1. I wanna move to Australia, just to take your workshops!

    1. I want you to as well! If you ever visit I will schedule one JUST so you can come to it.

  2. i totally want to come to macrame!! (but i'm going away...)

  3. Arghhh thanks Kit for teaching an awesome workshop! I have been showing off my new plant holder to anyone who will listen/look! Ta lady! xx


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