Thursday, May 2, 2013


So, I will very soon be venturing into the wonderful world of community radio and hosting my first ever radio show this Saturday at 10am on 2SER FM! I a mix of super excited and insanely scared, but all in all I think it's going to be pretty fun! My show is called Made By Hand and it's all about profiling local creative gems who are making stuff by hand. Each week you'll be treated to a roll call of inspiring designers from Sydney (and sometimes abroad), insights into what it's like to do what they do, songs they can't stop listening to, their top tips on how to succeed with your handmade ventures, and more! If you aren't in Sydney you can stream the show live online at, or come back here and listen to the podcast I'll posting of the show each week.

For the first show I'll be interviewing the amazing Hollie Martin, artist and jewellery maker, which I am so excited about. If you have any suggestions of people you'd like to see featured on my show, let me know! I look forward to sharing the stories of these amazing people with you!

Made By Hand on Radio 2ser logo


  1. It sounds really exciting Kitiya! It's like your very own Margaret Throsby shows! I have some talented ladies you can keep in mind. Jude Craig of: and Loani Prior of:

  2. Sounds fabulous! A great way to get handcrafted out there!

  3. Kit! You have a beautiful voice, i was listening the first interview! Such a good idea! :D Congratulations! xxx


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